Cacao Hot Chocolate

What Kind Of Gourmet Hot Cocoa Do You Want To Try Today?

Gourmet hot cocoa is good anytime of the year, but people especially start drinking it as the holidays come up. The holiday season is right around the corner. Do you have the fireplace ready? Maybe you don't have a fireplace; instead, you could grab a comfortable blanket, or perhaps sit in front of a campfire or bonfire. Hot chocolate can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere, except maybe during a really hot summer day out in the sun. But you get the point. If you love gourmet hot cocoa, check out what has in store for you.

Home Made Gourmet Hot Chocolate

Gourmet hot chocolate can be made from scratch at home if you like. It is also available in bags like coffee and in K-Cups as well. Even if you purchase it ready-made nespresso pods you can always add extra ingredients to your hot chocolate. Everyone likes to add marshmallows from time to time. What all have you put in your hot chocolate before? Sometimes you might not want to mess too much with gourmet hot chocolate, so you can enjoy it 'as is.'

Hot Chocolate Addons Ingredients

However, there are certainly some tasty ingredients to add, and it's fun to do. I have put M&Ms in my hot chocolate before, and I've put coffee flavored chocolate squares in my coffee before. That can give you some ideas. Some of the coffee creamer flavors probably wouldn't be a bad idea for adding to a hot chocolate, such as cinnamon roll and Almond Joy.

Hershey's Chocolate

Then there is the Hershey's chocolate syrup and other flavors that you can add to hot chocolate as well. I would be the one to overdo it trying to get creative with extra ingredients, but again, remember that you want to taste the gourmet hot cocoa. It is just as good all by itself. There are all kinds of brands, and there are really cool gift baskets, too. Some of the gift baskets also some with other items.

There aren't just many different brands, but also different types. Then when it comes to the recipes, there are a ton of different choices. Do you want to make a milk chocolate version of hot cocoa? Maybe you want a chocolate covered cherry hot chocolate. You see, there are all different kinds of ways to get creative with your gourmet hot chocolate.

Best Gourmet Ingredients

If you are making your own, you can buy the best gourmet ingredients from all over the US. Think about getting a hold of some Godiva chocolate. Actually, I'm sure they also have gourmet hot chocolate available at their stores and coffee online. It would be interesting to see if Dove has a hot chocolate out there, too. You will see brands you have never heard of though, and think about all of the different versions you could try.

There are personalalized gifts you can buy and everything. Just wait to see what you find when you simply search those words 'gourmet hot cocoa.' You will see a variety that puts Willa Wonka and his chocolate factory to shame. I just came up with a really good one on the spot, the Butterfinger hot cocoa. Does it exist out there? If not, I bet you could make one anyway.

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