Hot Chocolate

Let's Talk About What You Can Add To That Cup Of Hot Chocolate

It's time to make a cup of hot chocolate, and you want to do something different. Make that cup of hot cocoa unique by adding whatever ingredients you like. Certainly, you have ideas, and if you are like me, you have tried some of them before. Let's take a look at some of the ingredients people add to their cups of hot cocoa. You might even have some of these ingredients already on hand. If not, you can always get them for the next round of hot cocoa.

Hot Chocolate Ingredients

Some of the ingredients you can add are quite simple. For example, let's say that you want to make a hot chocolate that tastes like a cookie. Instead of trying to add cookie dough to a hot chocolate, which wouldn't really work out that well, you can just add gingerbread instead.

Now aside from gingerbread to use as a spice in your hot cocoa, you can also use cinnamon. If you want a peppermint mocha version, you just need to add the peppermint. Now, it was mentioned that cookie dough might not be a good addition to a hot cocoa, but you can add solid ingredients.

Nutella With Chocolate Hazelnut

Take Nutella for example. You can use it as an added ingredient. I absolutely love Nutella, so that sounds like a plan to me. My favorite Nutella is the original one, the chocolate hazelnut spread, but there are some other good ones, too, like the chocolate cheesecake version.

One simple addition to a cup of hot cocoa is chocolate chips. These are solid, but they will melt. That's one of the things you need to be thinking about as well when you make a cup of hot cocoa. It needs to be hot enough. You don't want to burn your mouth, but you can always let it cool off.

Enjoy While Its Still Hot

That's how hot chocolate is supposed to be enjoyed. You get it super hot, and then you enjoy it as it cools off. Think about that hot cup when you are out on the ski slopes or in front of the fireplace. That steam rising from the top of the cup is what it's all about.

Do you like to make isntant hot cocoa? That is the fastest way to have the treat, along with those extra ingredients. What else can be added? Oh, there are all kinds of great ideas. Some people recommend coconut extract. I would like to mix some of the ingredients together so far.

Mixing Chocolate Chips With Coconut Extract

I would want to mix the chocolate chips and the coconut extract together. You can add fruity ingredients, too, and some of the ideas sound really good. There are more combinations you can imagine when it comes to adding ingredients to your hot cocoa. Banana is another one, peanut butter is another, and well, you have all kinds of great ideas to discover.

Which cup of hot cocoa will you make first? I'm stuck on the chocolate chips and coconut extract. Add some almond extract, and you have Almond Joy.

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